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The Turner Family

Part 2

Around May or June 1800, most members of the Turner and Beltz families moved to Pennsylvania. We can precisely date this move because Turner family members appeared on the 1800 List of Tithables in Loudoun Co., Va. and the 1800 census records in Pennsylvania.

1800 List of Tithables - Loudoun County [Tithables Record]
DatePersons ChargeableMale Tithables 16+BlacksHorsesTax
May 1Michael TurnerMichael Turner-2.24
May 1Michael Turner, Jr.Michael Turner-1.12
May 2Ludwick TurnerLudwick Turner-2.24

The above List of Tithables for Loudoun Co., Va. shows Michael, Sr., Michael, Jr. and Ludwick (Lewis) living there on May 1, 1800.

A short time later, Michael Turner, Sr., Lewis Turner and Andrew Beltz appeared in the census records for Greene Co. and Bedford Co., Penn. Michael Turner, Jr. and family appear to have moved to Pennsylvania after the birth of their son John in early 1802. Here are the 1800 census records for Michael Turner, Sr., Lewis Turner and Andrew Beltz.

1800 Census - Morris Township, Greene County [Census Record]
Michael Turner111
1800 Census - Bedford and St. Clair Townships, Bedford County
Lewis Turner111
1800 Census - Providence and Coleraine Townships, Bedford County
Andrew Beltz221111
A Flatboat on the Ohio River
A Flatboat on the Ohio River

In 1808, Michael Turner, Jr., Elizabeth (Beltz) Turner and their four children left Pennsylvania and headed to Ohio. In a history of Clermont Co. and Brown Co., Ohio, there is a biographical sketch of their son Daniel Turner which says the Turners "left Pennsylvania in the year of 1808 and came down the Ohio river in a flat boat to Columbia, then the most noted place for eastern emigrants to disembark." Another indication we have of Michael Turner, Jr. moving to Ohio is a reference in the Virginia Military Survey as follows:

Michael Turner bought 106 acres from Francis Peyton, on the East Fork of the Little Miami River in 1811. He sold this land to Shadrack Lane in 1823.

Another reference appears in the History of Clermont Co., Union Township, as follows:

In 1814, Michael Turner, of Pennsylvania, purchased a farm on the East Fork, which had been improved by Moses Frazier, a Baptist clergyman, on which he lived until his death in 1856 at the age of 74. He was the father of Daniel Turner of Miami Township. Other sons were Andrew Jackson, Isaac, William and daughters, who married Henry Leaf, Uriah Baldwin, William Dumford, Samuel Perry, and Henry Carpenter.

Michael Turner, Jr. and Elizabeth Beltz had the following children:

Elizabeth (Beltz) Turner died on Sept. 1, 1824 at the age of 43.

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