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The Turner Family

Part 6

George and Martha Turner around 1900
George and Martha Turner around 1900

When George Washington Turner, son of Andrew Jackson Turner and Sarah Scammahorn, was discharged from the Union's 8th Cavalry (Kentucky) in 1863, he was 19 years old. He returned to Clermont County and married Martha Melissa Forbes on Dec. 27, 1864. Martha Melissa Forbes, who was born on Sept. 1, 1847, was the daughter of Ebenezer Forbes and Phoebe Robinson.

Ebenezer Forbes, the father of Martha Melissa Forbes, was born in 1820. While his birth year is fairly well documented, it's not certain where he was born. Some reports indicated that he came to the United States from southern England and migrated to Ohio by way of Pittsburgh, Penn. However, there is quite a bit of evidence that contradicts that. Various census records and death certificates indicate that Ebenezer Forbes was born in Ohio (see links below). In addition, the 1880 census indicates that Ebenezer Forbes' father and mother were born in Maryland. On Sept. 29, 1844 Ebenezer Forbes married Phoebe Robinson, who was born on Aug. 3, 1827.

Marriage of Ebenezer Forbes and Phoebe Robinson:

Clermont County Courthouse
Book 3 Page 382
Forbes, Ebenezer to Phoebe Robinson
29 September 1844, By John Simpsons J.P.

There were some reports that Martha Melissa Forbes' mother, Phoebe Robinson, was the daughter of John Robinson, the circus operator. He was known as "Uncle" John Robinson and he established the headquarters for his circus in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1852 in what is now Terrace Park. "Uncle" John's son, known as "Governor" John, would have been Phoebe Robinson's brother; he later took over the circus and operated it until around 1916. Here's an 1888 New York Times article on the death of "Uncle" John Robinson. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that Phoebe (Robinson) Forbes was related to John Robinson, the circus operator. It appears she was born and raised in Ohio and that her father, according to census records and her death certificate, was also born in Ohio. Even though Phoebe Forbes' death certificate names her father as John Robinson, the fact that her father was born in Ohio probably rules him out as "Uncle" John Robinson, the circus operator, since he was born in New York and moved around the country until he settled in Cincinnati in 1852.

1870 Census - Union Township, Clermont County [Census Record]
NameAgeSexProfessionRealPersonalPlace of BirthAttend SchoolRead/Write
Ebenezer Forbes49MFarmer$10,000$500Ohio
Phoebe Forbes42FKeeps houseOhio
John Forbes13MAttends SchoolOhioYes
Addie Forbes11FAttends SchoolOhioYes
Jennie Forbes3FAt homeOhio
Martha Melissa Forbes
Martha Melissa Forbes

Children of Ebenezer and Phoebe (Robinson) Forbes were:

The following appeared in the Virginia Military Survey, page 194 Survey No. 14426:

Surveyed for Nathaniel Massie (Assignee) 3 acres of land on part of Military Warrant #8719 on the waters of the Little Miami-Patent from James K. Polk, Pres. To Ebenezer Forbes on June 8, 1848.

Ebenezer and Phoebe Forbes bought a small farm on a lane in Mt. Carmel at the top of Rose Hill. In 1900 their household looked like this:

1900 Census - Union Township, Clermont County [Census Record]
NameRelationSexDate of BirthPlace of BirthProfessionReadWrite
Ebner ForbesHeadMNovember 1820OhioFarmerYesYes
Pheobe ForbesWifeFAugust 1827OhioYesYes
Jennie ForbesDaughterFJanuary 1869OhioYesYes
Mellie VanpeltGranddaughterFJune 1891OhioAt SchoolYesYes

Mellie Vanpelt, described in the census record as Ebenezer Forbes' granddaughter, was the daughter of Edward and Addie Van Pelt. Addie had died in 1898. Also, Maud Van Pelt, another daughter of Edward and Addie Van Pelt, had died on Dec. 9, 1893, at the age of 10.

George and Martha Turner around 1900
Four Generations around 1901

Ebenezer Forbes died in 1909. Phoebe Forbes died on March 14, 1910. Jennie and Edward Marsh lived on the Mt. Carmel property until they both died in the 1940s (see Jennie Marsh's death certificate). Ebenezer and Phoebe Forbes and Jennie and Edward Marsh are buried at Mt. Moriah Cemetary in Clermont Co., Ohio.

The union of George Washington Turner and Martha Melissa Forbes resulted in the following children, all born in Hamilton Co., Ohio:

George W. Turner worked for the United States Postal Service and moved to Ft. Thomas, Ky. He died there on July 1, 1912. Martha Melissa (Forbes) Turner moved back to Oakley, a Cincinnati suburb, where she lived with her daughter, Zetta Blanche Wortman. Martha Melissa Turner was blind the last few years of her life. She died on July 16, 1934 (see Martha Melissa Turner's death certificate).

On Aug. 27, 1890, Jeanette Turner, the daughter of George Washington and Martha Melissa Turner, married Elmore Grant Brown of Newtown, Ohio (see Brown, Part 3).

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