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The Turner Family

Part 3

Michael Turner, Jr.'s brother Isaac Turner and his wife Sarah moved to nearby Hamilton Co., Ohio around 1816. They had at least six children including sons Michael, Matthias and Isaac Turner and daughters Electa, Rachel and Serena. Isaac's son Michael, born around 1809, married Nancy Flinn in 1835. In 1868, one of Michael's sons, James J. Turner, married Mary A. Forbes, daughter of Ebenezer and Phoebe Forbes (see Turner, Part 5). As it happens, in 1864 George Washington Turner, son of Andrew Jackson Turner and grandson of Michael Turner, Jr., married Martha Melissa Forbes, another daughter of Ebenezer and Phoebe Forbes. It's this latter Turner-Forbes union that is in our line.

Daniel Turner, son of Michael Turner, Jr., married Susan Malott on Nov. 7, 1827 in Clermont Co., Ohio. According to histories of Clermont County, Susan Malott was born on Jan. 27, 1811 and was the daughter of Peter Malott and Martha B. (Dumford) Malott. The 1830 census shows Michael Turner, Jr., Daniel Turner and at least one Beltz living in Clermont Co., Ohio. In addition, Martha Malott was the head of a household with no adult male, suggesting that she was still unmarried after her husband died in 1826. William Dumford, the husband of Michael Turner's daughter, Elizabeth, lived near Martha Malott. William Dumford's relationship to Martha (Dumford) Malott is not known. The census record for Michael Turner shows a female, age 30-40, living with him. It is believed that this is his second wife and that, coincidentally, her name was Martha Malott, daughter of Daniel Malott. We have found no contemporanious records to confirm this. However, it would be somewhat consistent with Eben Forbes Turner's recollections in which he stated that Michael Turner married Martha Malott. Instead of being Michael Turner's first marriage, as indicated in the first paragraph of his recollections, it would have been Michael Turner's second marriage.

1830 Census - Union Township, Clermont County [Census Record]
Michael Turner211231
Daniel Turner2111
1830 Census - Stonelick Township, Clermont County [Census Record]
Martha Malott11211
William Dumford1211

Martha (Dumford) Malott, the mother of Susan (Malott) Turner, remarried several times after her first husband Peter Malott died in 1826. Her husbands included:

The 1860 and 1870 censuses list Martha (Dumford/Malott/Malott/Troy) Scammahorn living in Clermont Co., Ohio. She died on May 31, 1883.

The 1840 census shows Michael Turner, Jr., Andrew Jackson Turner and William Malott, Sr. living near each other in Clermont Co., Ohio.

1840 Census - Springfield Township, Clermont County [Census Record]
William Malott, Sr.1112
Michael Turner, Jr.11111112111
A. Jackson Turner11

Likely living with Michael Turner, Jr. was his wife, age 40-50, three or four children from his first marriage, five or six other children and an unknown female, age 60-70. Based on the 1850 census (see Turner, Part 4), Michael Turner, Jr.'s property partition and other records, six of the children living with Michael Turner, Jr. and his second wife, presumed to be Martha Malott, daughter of Daniel Malott, likely were:

It is not entirely clear if all these children were born to Michael Turner, Jr. and his second wife. In the 1840 census, Emanuel could have been the male under age 5, and Michael could have been the male, age 5-10; Nancy Jane Turner could have been the female, age 5-10, and Harriet Turner could have been the female, age 10-15; however, there would have been three females, Amanda, Melvina and Eleanor in the 15-20 age range. One of them must not have been living with Michael Turner on June 1, 1840. In trying to sort out the parentage of each of the children, we have tried to find additional census and other records that might be helpful. Based on 1870 and subsequent census records, it's clear that George and Melvina (Turner) Howard moved to Springfield, Ill. around 1857, shortly after Michael Turner, Jr. died. According to Melvina Howard's Illinois death certificate, (see link above) her age when she died was 71 years, 1 month and 29 days. If this is accurate, then she was born on May 21, 1823, more than a year before Elizabeth (Beltz) Turner died. That would mean she was either the child of Michael Turner and Elizabeth Beltz or she was adopted into the Michael Turner household at a later date. Harriet (Turner) Dalton, Nancy Jane (Turner Adams) Marriott, and Emanuel Turner lived for many years in Chicago and all three died there. Harriet (Turner) Dalton's 1912 Cook Co., Ill. death certificate (see link above) lists her parents as E. Turner and Nancy Turner, both born in Ohio. It may be that the informant, who does not seem to have been a family member, was misinformed about her parents. However, the informant did provide a precise date of birth which was consistent with her age in the 1850 census. Therefore, it's possible he had access to a document that listed her date of birth and parents' names. Nancy Jane Marriott's death certificate also listed her father as E. Turner, born in Germany, and mother unknown. The informant was her son. Emanuel Turner's death certificate does not provide a name for his father, born in Germany, or his mother, born in England. The informant was his son. Thus, two of these three death certificates indicate that the father's name was E. Turner (either born in Germany or Ohio) and one indicates the mother's name was Nancy (born in Ohio). Shortly after the death of Michael Turner, Jr., a Guardian's Bond was presented in the Probate Court in Clermont Co., Ohio, for Emanuel Turner indicating that he was a "minor child of Michael Turner deceased." This could mean that Emanuel Turner was a natural child of Michael Turner, but it probably doesn't rule out the possibility that he was an adopted son of Michael Turner. All of these documents give us clues, but no definitive answers, as to the parentage of the children living with Michael Turner after 1840.

By the 1830s and 1840s, Michael Turner, Jr. had 100 acres of land on the East Fork of the Little Miami River, west of Stonelick Township. His son, Daniel Turner had 400 acres east of Perinville (Perintown). Two hundred acres were on the north side of the East Fork and two hundred acres on the south of the East Fork. One half was in Miami Township and one half in Batavia Township. The two farms were not more than five miles apart.

Andrew Jackson Turner married Sarah Scammahorn in 1839. His brother William married Sarah's sister in 1841. The following are from the files of the courthouse in Hillsboro, Highland Co., Ohio:

Assign #3218
Andrew J. Turner to Sarah Scammahorn.
I do hereby certify that on the 18th day of February, 1839, Andrew J. Turner and Sarah Scammahorn were legally united in marriage by me.
Joseph W. Sharger, Clerk
Recorded April 5, 1839
Hillsboro, Ohio, Highland County
Assign #3427
William H. Turner to fine Elizabeth Scammahorn
I hereby certify that on the 10th day of December 1841, William H. Turner and Elizabeth Scammahorn were legally united in marriage by me.
William J. Welton
JP, By himself Recorded
January 10, 1842.

Sarah and Elizabeth Scammahorn were the daughters of Isaac and Sarah Scammahorn. Isaac was born around 1785 in Washington Co., Penn. Isaac's father was Lucas Schermerhorn, Jr. who was born around 1750 in New York. The Scammahorns and Turners may have met when each lived in southwestern Pennsylvania in the early 1800s prior to both families moving to southwestern Ohio.

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