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The Turner Family

Part 5

The "Golden Wedding" of Andrew J. and Sarah (Scammahorn) Turner

In April 2003, the Clermont County Genealogical Society reprinted an article from the Clermont County Sun entitled "A Golden Wedding." This article was a description of the golden wedding anniversary party for Andrew Jackson Turner and Sarah (Scammahorn) Turner - "Uncle Jack and Aunt Salle."

A Golden Wedding
Milford, Ohio
February 25, 1889
The event of the week was the golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Turner, at which the Milford cornet band discoursed sweet music till toward the wee small hours of morning. Those most affecting were "When You and I Were Young, Maggie," and "The Old Folks at Home." They were kindly remembered by their two daughters, Mrs. S.E. MOORE and Mrs. Emma DUCKET, of Shawneetown, Ill., by two large cakes beautifully ornamented and other elegant presents. Their other children, J.E. TURNER of Xenia, G.W. TURNER of Cincinnati, with their families and their daughter, Mrs. E. COOPER, husband and children, and their daughter-in-law, Mrs. Belle TURNER and daughter, were their pleasant guests, who chained Uncle Jack and pinned Aunt Salle with gold, also many other handsome presents were received. Among the other guests noticed were Mr. Turner's youngest sister and husband, Harrison CARPENTER, of Mt. Orab, who have lived together nearly 49 years. Other relatives and friends, Col. Ed JONES,! Isaac TURNER, Ike LEAF, A.B. APPLEGATE with their better halves, and Mrs. Lizzie COOPER, Mrs. BASSETT, Will and Josie, W. BALZISER, Lando DUCKETT. James DUCKETT and Elmer BROWN, of Elmwood, put in an appearance to give the youthful old couple a new start In life and partake of the sumptuous repast. Of all present, none seemed more sprightly and jolly or enjoyed the occasion better than the host and hostess. Both do their own chores and assist the needy whenever opportunity offers. Long live Uncle Jack and Aunt Salle and may they enjoy many more anniversaries of their united life was the parting wish of every one present.
Elegant Wedding at River View Park
Elegant Wedding at River View Park

The "Elegant Wedding" of Elmore Grant Brown and Jeanette Turner

A year and a half later, another article appeared in an unknown paper, perhaps the Sun again, which described the August 27, 1890 wedding of Elmore Grant Brown and Jeanette Turner, the daughter of George Washington Turner and granddaughter of Andrew Jackson Turner. The wedding took place at the home of George Washington Turner and Martha Melissa (Forbes) Turner.


Elegant Wedding at River View Park.

Brown - Turner

Miss JENNIE TURNER and Mr. ELMER BROWN entered the bonds of holy matrimony at 8 o'clock Wednesday evening, the 27th inst. at the Bride's home in River View Park, Rev. W. E. Stevens ... Columbia Baptist ... officiating ... were ... Linwood, Cincinnati ... Martinsville, Milford, Mulberry ... also from West Virginia. The Bride was attired in white Australian crape trimmed in cream-colored silk lace, and cream-colored surrah sash, and corsage bouquets, and the Groom in the usual conventional black. At the conclusion of the very impressive nuptial ceremony the wedded pair were showered with warm congratulations from the assembled guests.

But a few minutes were allowed to pass till the announcement was made that supper was in readiness, and the attendants, preceded by the Bride and Groom, repaired from the centre parlor through an elaborately decorated hall to the dining apartment, where banks of flowers, and various other floral designs fitted to the occasion, met the gaze and lent their irresistible charm to the finer sentiments, and where tables were found freighted with all the delicacies and substantials of the season to tempt the palate, and, after thanks had been rendered and Divine blessing invoked by the Pastor, all gave way liberally to the temptation.

Of plants, flowers, vines, wreaths and bouquets no one could go ... throughout the parlors and halls of that capacious and inviting parental home.

Mr. and Mrs. BROWN started on their bridal tour, East, Thursday morning. Manly hearts should be forgiven for the envy they could but bear toward the justly proud Groom in his relation as husband to so amiable and accomplished a lady as is his Bride.

Among the numerous presents received was a very fine volume, The History of the Bible, by Rev. W. E. Stevens; lace curtains, by Mrs. M. W. Conway; table cloths and $16,00 in gold, by lady friends; towel rack, J. L. Foster; whisk and holder, Miss Spear; throw, Miss G. Wilson; lamp, Daniel Leaf and family; crazy cushion, etc. Mrs. Ella Turner; ... Isaac Turner; china set, Mrs. Lizzie Sharp; linen towels, Mrs. W. Tompson; water set, E. R. VanPelt; lamp, Conway Brothers; mustard caster, Miss Rosa Bought; linen napkins, Mrs. Shilling; linen table cloth and towels, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Adams; toilet glass, Miss Stewart; handsome vase, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Turner; vases, D. J. Lyons; towels and bed spread, Mrs. E. D. Cooper; silver teapot, Kittie and Zetta Bowman; fruitstand (?), Harry Duckett; vase, Mrs. Keener; needle cushion, Florence Weaver; lamp, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Duckett; table cloth, Miss Prickett; lamp, Mrs. Hannah Tucker; toy dresser and shell pin cushion, Miss Eva Brown; silver knives and forks, Jack and Bramble Turner; ..., Miss Carrie Fry; silver napkin rings, Miss Leyman; ice cream set, Cliff and Gertrude Simpkins; flower vase, Miss Emma Shilling; vinegar set, Francis M. Huls; table cloth and towels, Mrs. Foster; linen tablecloth and napkins, Miss Clara Mayer, Mrs. Steidel, Mr. Wolf and Otto Schilley; also other useful and ornamental gifts set ... this glittering display.

Mrs. Keunerd played the Wedding March. There was also some fine singing during the evening. The festivities did not break till the late hour of 11:30, and a more delighted throng of wedding guests than they never passed the words "good night" to the host and hostess of feast, and to the happy young couple who had in the hour started on their "journey of life" in wedlock.

On returning from their tour, Mr. and Mrs. BROWN will occupy the new and elegantly furnished residence provided in advance of the ... in Linwood, Ohio.


Andrew J. Turner died on May 10, 1897, at the age of 79 (see his last will). Sarah Turner died on April 18, 1895 at the age of 76. They are buried at Greenlawn Cemetery in Milford, Clermont Co., Ohio.

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